Bushwacker Outdoors is committed to videotaping top notch hunting videos, and portraying the sport and lifestyle in a positive and ethical light. As a company we will be focused on a wide array of outdoor interests, but will have a heavy emphasis on large game hunting. We believe that the bonding that occurs between families and friends on outdoor excursions cannot be beat. We also know from years of experience that nothing matches the satisfaction or excitement of a well planned, successful hunt.

    Dennis Morrison is a member of the Bushwacker Outdoors Pro Staff team. Dennis started hunting as a young kid with his BB gun in central Iowa. As he grew up he hunted draws and pastures in NW Missouri. He enjoyed hunting pheasants, squirrels, and rabbits with his older brother and father. He also grew up fishing farm ponds and has always enjoyed the outdoors, and spending time alone in nature. As the deer population increased in the late 70's Dennis' passion for hunting changed gears. He bought his first deer tag in 1985. Over the years his passion grew and in 1993 he started hunting deer hard and never looked back. He harvested his first Missouri buck in 1994. After his first buck, the drive for success only got stronger. He hunted does for many years to put meat on the table. He eventually got into turkey hunting as well, and over the years has become a very successful caller and accomplished turkey hunter. Dennis had to work hard to find quality land to hunt, but his determination and love of hunting allowed him to persevere. He later purchased his first compound bow and fell in love with archery hunting. In 2004 he bagged his first archery buck. Regardless of the media and the whitetail craze it was never about a trophy, it was always about the hunt and enjoying the outdoors. Since then Dennis has taken multiple bucks and does. In 2008 he took to the ground from his tree stand and started stalking deer. His desire to get closer to the animals and to improve his overall hunting ability lead to success that year. In his opinion there is nothing better than getting within feet of the game he is after. Currently his focus is taking his knowledge and experience to a professional level, and bagging mature whitetails and toms. His ultimate dream is hunt mature animals across the world and do his part to preserve the sport and pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

  Lyle David Adkisson has always had a passion for sports and the outdoors. He started hunting in central and South Central Iowa with homemade sling shots, bows, and arrows. He even hot glued his own chicken feathers to his crooked stick arrows with sharp whittled ends. He never harvested much in those days, but had a blast learning about the chase. At the age of 10 he was allowed to walk with the family deer hunting party, and it ignited a flame that was too hot to put out. Hunting every chance he got he chased squirrels, pheasants, and quail with grandpa's 4-10; or his cherished no name compound bow. Today he hunts enemies of the United States while trying to find free time to shoot competition 3-D, hunt giant whitetails, and spend time with his beloved family that sacrifices so much for him. He promotes QDMA and you will get to see a lot of nice bucks walk on his hunting clips.

  Hello, we are Zach and Krisy Klemp. We were born and raised in southern Wisconsin. My wife and I reside in the hill country of southern Wisconsin which lays in the heart of big buck country. The outdoors have always been a big part of our lifestyle. While we were growing up we enjoyed fishing and hunting with our dads, gardening with our mothers as well as several other family outdoor activities. We have no one else to thank but our families for introducing us to nature at a young age! It’s no different today, the outdoors are a big part of our lifestyle from working around the yard or the garden, to prepping food plots, putting out game cameras and hunting. Plus you never know when we'll get out the fishing gear and hit the lakes. We are continuing the tradition by teaching our children how to appreciate nature. We look forward to sharing our outdoor lifestyle with all of you!

  Hi everyone, we are Nick and Kim Bohne. We were both born and raised in Central Florida and have been hunting and fishing as far back as we can remember. Traditionally we try to do as much hunting as possible and it doesn't matter the type of hunting because we love anything from duck hunting to deer hunting. We are also a part of an offshore fishing team that is based out of Port Canaveral. During the off season we are out hunting the pelagic species that travel up and down Florida's warm waters. We have a true passion for the outdoors. Nick has even devoted risking his life everyday he goes to work as a fish and game warden in the state of Florida. He is helping to ensure that future generations will have the resources so they too can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. We look forward to showing everyone what Florida has to offer both on the water and in the woods!

   Hello everyone I am Brian Harford. I am a partime hunting and fishing guide, a former commitee member of Ducks Unlimited, and National Rifle Association. I am also a Florida State certified fishing instructor for the kids fishing program Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs, as I like to teach them about the great sport of fishing through accuatic resources. I am also a former Crappie Masters tournament fisherman. I am a life member of Crappie World and also Bass World which is in the process on publishing a article on me about winter crappie fishing here in the sunshine state. I have been involved in the outdoors since I was weened out of a diaper. I was adopted by my grandparents which was on my mothers side when I was 4, and I was fortunate that my  Uncle Charles took me under his wing as I was his own son. He bought me my first shotgun when I was 8 years of age. I have to give him alot of the credit for getting me hooked on hunting and fishing as he spent alot of time teaching me about the great experiences in the outdoors. I have learned through out the years that catching trophy fish or shooting a trophy Whitetail is just a bonus to the trip. I enjoy just spending time in the woods whether hunting deer or upland game birds or on the water fishing; or just spending time with my family now. I now have two boys which are serving in our Military; The US Army, and a wonderful wife Gi Gi that lets me enjoy these great experiences in the Gods Country. I really look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone, keep your eyes open for episodes with a Southern Flare!

  Hello everyone I'm Brady Baker! I'm 29 years old and live on Utah Lake in Saratoga Springs, Utah with my wife and two daughters. My love for the outdoors began as a young boy when my father would take me on fly fishing and hunting trips. I have been hunting and fishing for about 25 years. I enjoy archery hunting (Mule Deer and Elk). I am a certified fly fishing guide and a graduate from Western Rivers Fly Fishing Guide School, where I spent my days fishing the Snake River. My true passion lies in waterfowl hunting. I am a member of the Lake Front Duck Club and my idea of a perfect day is a day spent on the marsh, hunting ducks and geese. I hope you'll enjoy the experiences I share with you as much as I do!

   Hi I am Kare Goodness, my family and I live in Wisconsin just northwest of Green Bay, home of the legendary “Green Bay Packers”.  I grew up on a small farm in central Wisconsin, where hunting and fishing were always a part of my life.  My family played a huge role in teaching me about the outdoors.  Together we would hunt, fish, and camp; sharing traditions and memories from the past and present.   These days it is no different except I am grown and now I find myself passing on the traditions to my own children. Through the years I have developed a passion for hunting whitetails, turkey, pheasant and grouse.  In addition to hunting I love to fish for salmon, muskie, walleye and pan fish.  My wife and I try to live a lifestyle of providing for our family through hunting, fishing and gardening.  As a professional I am a teacher for children with disabilities.  When I am not working or providing for my family I spend a lot of my free time giving back to the community through coaching and mentoring.  I look forward to “Living The Outdoors” and sharing my adventures with you.

  Gary Herritz here, I was born and raised in South Central Wisconsin and introduced to the outdoors by my Uncle Brian. It started with fishing before I can even remember. Eventually I wanted to get good at it, I learned how to pattern fish, read contour maps and be able to apply knowledge learned on one body of water to another. When I turned 12 it was finally time to hunt. I started with rifle but quickly progressed to archery which is my true passion. I have now had the opportunity to harvest whitetail, turkey, and antelope with a bow and look to add to that list in the upcoming seasons. I have won various club tournaments, many high places in opens and also qualified to fish the Big Bass World Championship in 2014. On the hunting end I have completed one of my dreams of taking a Boone and Crockett whitetail in 2004. I received a life saving liver transplant in 2012 so every day is a blessing to me, especially when I make it into the field. I'm super excited to be joining the team for many reasons but the top one has to be the knowledge. The great thing about hunting and fishing is no matter what there is always something to learn and when you surround yourself with people who are as passionate about the outdoors as yourself it'll only make you better in the woods and on the water. 

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