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Bushwacker Outdoors is devoted to filming and sharing the outdoor experience with viewers like you. We all enjoy outdoor lifestyles and want to present it in a way that captures everything the outdoors has to offer. We will have a heavy emphasis on bringing you high quality hunting videos from across the country, but we do not plan on stopping there. We want to incorporate other areas such as fishing, backpacking, and camping as well. We believe the outdoors gives families opportunities that our normal hectic schedules do not present. The "rustic" setting allows us to step away from technology and the tight schedules long enough to truly bond with our families. The much needed time to rekindle relationships and really get to know our kids and pass on important values. There are other ways to do this of course, but it can be very challenging when everyone is going different directions. As we grow we look forward to compiling a media archive that touches base on the many different aspects of nature, and act as your one stop resource for outdoor activities. Like our fathers before us we too hope to pass on the passion for hunting and the love of "Living the Outdoors", and to preserve and improve wildlife and wildlife habitat for future generations.

Nate Powell      Nate Powell is an avid outdoorsman and the CEO and Owner of Bushwacker Outdoors Productions. Nate, and his wife Holly, are down to earth people that both enjoy outdoor lifestyles. Holly's support and understanding allow Nate to pursue his passion in one form or another year round. Nate's dream has always been to start his own business. After wrapping up his MBA in the fall, he decided a company focused on "Living the Outdoors" would fulfill this dream and allow him to pursue his passion.
     Nate has been hunting whitetails and various other species since growing up on the farm more than 20 years ago.Nate's father got him hooked on hunting and the outdoors at an early age. To this day they enjoy hunting and fishing together as frequently as possible. His passion for hunting whitetails has turned into an addiction, and taking it to the next level was the only logical thing to do. Prior to 2008, Nate had multiple mature bucks under his belt. However, like most hunters he still hadn't taken a true giant. He increased his efforts and really started paying attention to the details. In his opinion this was difficult, but a very necessary change. The strategy change was a success and in 2008 he was fortunate to harvest his first Pope and Young whitetail. Since then he has harvested multiple truly magnificent deer.
      When Nate is not hunting mature whitetails he enjoys a vast array of outdoor activities: Fishing, shed hunting, shooting, land management, camping, hiking, backpacking, and skiing the Rockies. He is also dedicated to filming and teaching others. He understands that there are always new people just getting into the outdoors as well as just starting to hunt. His goal is to provide these people with the tools and resources they need to be successful, so they can truly enjoy the outdoor experience! In addition to this he is focused on building "Hunting with Heroes", and putting mature bucks and other large game down on video for your enjoyment. Spending time with family and friends in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the work week simply cannot be beat!

Holly Powell      Holly Powell is the Co-Host of Bushwacker Outdoors. Holly grew up in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. She grew up hiking the mountain trails and taking camping trips with her family. She still loves spending time outdoors with family and friends. She loves grabbing her camera and heading out into the timber, where she enjoys watching and taking photos of the wildlife. She is an avid angler and typically shows the guys up with her daily catch. Her patience and persistence give her a one up once her mind is set. She also enjoys biking and gardening. Holly is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people.

Host: Nate Powell - Join us in the field. We're going to Flip The Switch!